COLOURS is a Celebration of the Arts held each February in Shafter, California. This is a multi-day event at several venues that showcases "Transformed Art" in many forms ranging from Canvas, Sculpture, Film and Stage to Wine, Food, Activities and Music.

Thank You to Our Sponsors for 2018

COLOURS would like to thank those who contributed to the festival. Many events would not be possible without the generosity and support of these individuals.

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Arts Council of Kern Recognizes Colours: A Celebration of the Arts as an Honoree of Accomplishment Awards Gala 2015

Shafter Chamber of Commerce Recognizes Colours: A Celebration of the Arts at its awards banquet in 2018

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Transformed Art is using one's talents and abilities with the intent to create a product that reflects what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely and of good repute, excellence and worthy of praise. It is our desire to strike a spark or fan a flame so that people will integrate their artistic passions and talents.

PURPOSE: It is our desire to help people discover, create, and enjoy "transformed art." "Transformed art" is art that reflects what is true. honorable, right, pure, lovely, of good repute, excellence, and worthy of praise. All proceeds go to the promotion, production, and development of Colours. Fifty percent of the proceeds of the Colours Art Festival will go to scholarships and support of the arts in the community.

Objectives: Colours Art Festival promotes transformed art. Our objectives are threefold:

1. Discover Transformed Art: To help people understand transformed art and explore their own artistic passions, talents, and abilities in a setting that promotes healthy morals and values.

2. Design Transformed Art: To help people create art through a transformed perspective and in a variety of settings.

3. Display Transformed Art: To help people display and perform their art as well as connect with other artists of like minds.

"Art makes people better people. A building for art makes a city a better place to live." - Renzo Piano